Merge 104.8 asks, “How do you see Oman?”

A drawing competition where children can showcase their artistic talents by depicting Oman through their eyes has been launched by the Sultanate’s hippest FM radio station, Merge 104.8.

Open to children up to 12 years of age, the “Oman Through Your Eyes” competition encourages budding young Picasso’s to draw how they see Oman.  Each entry must be illustrated by hand and can be as abstract or as creative as the artist likes.

Every submission will automatically appear on the Merge 104.8 Facebook page and will then be showcased at an exclusive exhibition in December, at which all entrants will be invited.

Chris Fisher, Programming Director at Merge 104.8 explains the reasons behind launching this unique competition. “A child often has a far greater ability than an adult to be individual, creative and unique, when it comes to art.  We wanted to open up those creative channels while really encouraging kids to be aware of the true beauty of their surroundings, to be more conscious of where they live and to fly the flag for the Sultanate!”

All participating artists will each receive a certificate and gift from the Merge 104.8 presenting team.  “Merge 104.8 is always looking at ways to get closer to the community, to inspire individuals and to empower the people of Oman. And children are no exception.  We hope this competition really encourages young artists to be as creative as they can be,” adds Chris.

Entries can be delivered to the Merge 104.8 studio in Seeb or scanned and emailed in.

Closing deadline for entries is November 30th 2011.


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