Al Rahma: Storms leave two dead in Oman.

Merge 104.8  |  23 March 2020

The low pressure trough – named, ‘Al Rahma’ – has brought heavy rains lightning and hailstorms to parts of Oman, causing loss of life.

There were reports of hailstorms around Saham, and parts of Muscat experienced rain storms and spectacular lightning. 

Clips courtesy of Wayne Farrell and Ahmed Al Harthy


Al Rahma: Storms leave two dead in Oman

Izki, Al Ashkarah, Bahla, Quriyat, and Nizwa were hit the hardest according to the Oman Meteorology office, residents reported that wadis had swept everything clear in its path in the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi in the Al Sharqiyah belt.

One Omani citizen from Al Mudhaibi told Y (translated from Arabic): “It was not the storm that affected us, but the level of water in the wadi that caused the damage.

“It covered full buildings up to two floors. We lost power connection and small houses were flooded.”

Meanwhile, the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) found two people dead after their car was swept away in Wadi Kabara.

الدفاع المدني والإسعاف – عُمان @PACDAOman

فرق البحث بإدارة الدفاع المدني والإسعاف بمحافظة تتمكن من العثور على شخص مفارق للحياة وجاري البحث عن الشخص الآخر إثر إنجراف مركبتهم في مجرى وادي كباره بولاية ليلة الأمس.

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The Royal Oman Police (ROP) also stated that traffic had been interrupted in Jabal Al Akhdar due to the erosion of sand and rocks onto the road following last night’s rains.

شرطة عُمان السلطانية @RoyalOmanPolice

انقطاع الحركة المرورية من وإلى نيابة الجبل الأخضر جرّاء غزارة الأمطار وانجراف الصخور والأتربة على الطريق، وجاري التعامل لإزاحتها من قبل الجهات المعنية.

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Al Rahma: Storms leave two dead in Oman

Source: ROP, PACDA, Oman Meteorology, PACA

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