Hafeet Rail Showcases Fast Progress on Preparatory Work for the Construction of Oman-UAE Railway

Merge 104.8  |  15 May 2024

During a site visit that took place for key officials, members of the Asyad and Hafeet Rail executive management teams, contractors and consultants, Hafeet Rail announced that preparatory work is progressing fast for the construction of the transformative railway link between Oman and the UAE.

The visit introduced the key stops at the passengers, repairs and shipping stations, as well as key bridges and tunnels sites. It underscored the venture’s critical role in facilitating local and regional trade, unlocking new opportunities in infrastructure, transportation, and logistics sectors, fostering economic diversification and strengthening bi-lateral relations between the two nations.

The project will include the construction of 60 bridges, (including some towering up to 34 meters in height), and tunnels stretching 2.5 kilometers in length.

The Hafeet Rail team presented the latest rail technologies along with the innovative engineering and architectural solutions that are designed to overcome the challenging geographical terrain and weather conditions while ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and safety in accordance with international standards and best practice.

Ahmed Al Bulushi, Asyad Group Chief Executive Asset Management, commended the engineers and architects of the Hafeet Rail team, saying that their ingenuity and precision are bringing this visionary project to execution, after various contracts were awarded last month coinciding with the state visit of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik to the UAE. He expressed that the speed at which the project is progressing reflects the commitment of the two nations in advancing the wheel of development and reaping the multi-faceted rewards of the project as quickly as possible.



The project is the first-of-its-kind railway network that links two Gulf nations and presents a seismic shift in goods transportation methods across the region, as it can handle substantial cargo volumes. This dependable and efficient transportation option reduces dependency on road transport, which is often slower and less sustainable than rail. Connecting five major ports and several industrial and free zones across both nations, Hafeet Rail promises a 40% reduction in shipping costs and a 50% reduction in transit times compared to traditional land transportation methods. This shift not only decreases the reliance on road transport by cars and trucks but also promotes more sustainable shipping practices.