Fuel prices drop for March!

Merge 104.8  |  02 March 2020

There’s good news for drivers… Fuel prices drop for March.

The next time you go to fill up at the pump, your wallet may just heave a sigh of relief, as the onset of March sees a reduction in fuel prices according to Oman’s National Subsidy System.

Fuel prices drop for March.

Fuel prices drop for March: Compared to February 2020 which saw motorists paying 205 baisa per litre for M91 fuel, that price has now decreased to 200 baisa per litre for March 2020.

M95 has also seen an incremental drop in price, clocking in at 210 baisa per litre for March 2020, versus 215 baisa per litre last month.

And, the cost of diesel fuel has seen a reduction down to 229 baisa per litire, from 235 baisa per litre in February 2020.

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