Foreign Visitors to be Given Free Emergency Treatment During Visit to Oman

Merge 104.8  |  28 April 2024

It was announced that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) will open a special bank account that will be dedicated to treating non-Omanis who fall ill while visiting the Sultanate.

The decision stated that a committee will be formed to manage the account, and that the committee members, who are chosen by the CEO, will be changed every three years.

The patients will have to prove that they have an emergency health condition, and that they are unable to pay emergency treatment expenses. They will also be required to submit a visit visa.

Citizens of the GCC residing in Oman for less than three months, members of delegations visiting Oman (including sports and cultural delegations) will be exempted from the treatment. 

The committee will not provide more than OMR 5,000 for each case, and it reserves the right to stop disbursing assistance if sufficient liquidity is not available.