Dawam Holds Panel Discussions Aimed at Youth

Merge 104.8  |  25 November 2021

Dawam, which is an Omani platform that aims to help local job-seekers find employment, held an event aimed at inspiring the youth to excel in their future careers.

The event featured two panel talks, the first one on the topic of self-development and skill acquisition, while the other one was on the topic of overcoming obstacles by reframing mindsets.

A number of speakers took part in the discussion, including Psychologist and Co-founder of Dawam, Kawther al Harthi, and Founder of Womex, Rumaitha al Busaidi.

A number of local business owners were also invited to the event, and they were honored with certificates of participation, including Omani photographer Lamia Darwish, and the founders of Remedy Oman.

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