Cyclone Biparjoy Update: Cyclone Intensifies to Category 2

Merge 104.8  |  10 June 2023

Oman Meteorology said that Cyclone Biparjoy, which has formed in the Arabian Sea:

  • Has turned into a category 2 cyclone
  • Is 980 km away from the center of Oman coast
  • Is heading North towards central Arabian Sea

The Civil Aviation Authority has issued a high sea level alert saying that the maximum wave height will be between 3-5 meters along the coasts of the Arabian Sea on Saturday and 4-6 meters on Sunday.

The coastal areas of Oman Sea may also be affected on Monday and Tuesday, with wave heights of around 2-3 meters.

The CAA called on fishermen and seagoers to avoid venturing into the sea for the time being.

*Note: there are still no direct effects expected in the Sultanate over the next three days, but indirect effects may include high and medium cloud advection over the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea.