CDAA Gives Several Suggestions on How to Avoid Fires in Summer Heat

Merge 104.8  |  20 June 2022

The Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) urged people in Oman to take their precautions and watch out for fires, as temperatures in the country continue to rise. 

An official from the CDAA gave several suggestions to help individuals avoid fires, which include:

  • Parking vehicles in shaded areas when possible
  • Keeping windows slightly open to allow for hot air to leave the car
  • Not keeping flammable materials inside the car
  • Carrying out routine checks on the car
  • Avoiding smoking inside the vehicle
  • Immediately switching off the engine if they smell rubber or plastic burning
  • Performing periodic checks and change filters on time
  • Ensuring that there is a fire extinguisher

The official also said that industrial fires have increased, as well as farm fires. He suggested that factory owners use explosion-proof electrical equipment and that they should hold training programs on fire safety.