Boy who saved family from fire honoured by the Civil Defence in Oman

Merge 104.8  |  14 September 2020

Al Moatasem Al Shaqsi, 9-year-old boy who rescued his mother and siblings from a house fire in the Wilayat of Bahla this week was honoured today by Brigadier, Director General of Civil Defense.

In recognition of the boy’s heroism in saving his family, the Brigadier praised his good behavior, stressing the importance of community members’ awareness about different hazards and how to act during accidents, the Public Authority for Civil Defense and Ambulance said in a tweet.

Speaking to Merge 104.8’s sister station Al Wisal, the young hero said: “I was with my brother watching TV while my other siblings were in different places and my Mom was washing the clothes when the fire happened.”

Al Moatasem, being the eldest child, took it upon him to warn the household when the electric fire started.

“My mother is disabled and can’t walk so I pulled her by her legs,” he explained, saying “I rescued all of them.”

Al Moatasem saved his 14-month-old brother, his 4-year-old sister, and another 6-year-old sister.