Urgent call for more blood donors.

Merge 104.8  |  12 May 2020

Give blood if you can, is the urgent message from Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Blood Bank.

Due to the ongoing situation, the supply of blood platelets in The Sultanate is running dangerously low, and anyone fit enough to give blood, should.

SQU Hospital has said its blood donation bank will continue to operate 24 hours a day, Saturdays-Thursdays, during Ramadan, save for closure on Fridays.

SQU Hospital are recommending to all potential donors during Ramadan to donate only after they have broken their fast.

In light of the ongoing global COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, donors should be aware of the following restrictions and safety instructions before entering the SQU Hospital blood bank:

In a statement the DBBS has said that there are “many patients in dire need of a blood transfusion today”, and urges those with the above-mentioned blood-types to contact the Central Blood Bank today to book an appointment to come and donate.

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Speaking to Merge 104.8. Dr. Arwa Zakariya Al Riyami from SQUH told us that anyone wishing to give blood at the hospital must call to book an appointment by first calling the blood bank  on 24144987. Or alternatively Whatsapp : 92885754  sending the following information:
 Full name
 Preferred date and time for donation

The working hours of SQUH blood bank are Saturday-Thursday 7.30 am-9 pm.

SQUH requests that in view of the current outbreak of Corona virus (COVID-19), and to ensure everyone’s safety, that visitors please adhere to the following safety instructions before visiting the blood bank:

– Entry to the donor room at SQUH blood bank is restricted to blood donors
– Wash your hands properly with water and soap before and after blood
Please do not donate blood:
 If you are suffering from fever or respiratory symptoms (such as cough
or difficulty in breathing)
 If you have traveled abroad in the last 28 days
 If you were in contact with a person suspected or infected with corona
virus in the last 28 days
 If you had been diagnosed with or suspected to have corona virus

“Our demand for blood is continuous.. Donate blood and help in saving
others’ lives” Dr Arwa said.

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