Merge 104.8 places emphasis on giving back

“A radio station is more than just an outlet for music and entertainment; it can really make a difference within the community it serves,” says Merge 104.8’s General Manager, Eihab Abutaha. “It is our individual and national responsibility to give back, and to facilitate all organizations involved in charitable initiatives.”

Such is Merge 104.8’s belief in giving back to the community at large; it has made a firm commitment to contributing to the socio-economic development of Oman by giving its full support to various charitable initiatives.

Supporting high-profile campaigns like the hugely successful Box Appeal with the Radisson Blu and the Dar Al Atta’a “One Rial” Ramadan campaign, allows Merge 104.8 to engage and add value to organizations that help their communities and the needy.

“Every corporation has a social responsibility to help in the growth of our nation and add value to our society by making the lives of those less fortunate a bit better,” said Chris Fisher, Merge 104.8’s Presenter and Programme Director.  “As well as raising funds for these worthy causes, we are fortunately in a position to provide much-needed publicity for these charitable ventures by communicating to our growing listener base, both on the air and via social media channels such as Facebook.”

Facebook, for example, was used heavily in the Dar Al Atta’a “One Rial” campaign in Ramadan.  For every new Facebook user who ‘liked’ Merge 104.8 during the Holy Month, the station donated 1 Rial to the cause.

Merge’s on-air exposure of local businesses and community initiatives also enhances its position as a true community radio station. “As a community radio station we carry certain responsibilities like helping in the success of businesses in the Sultanate, and Merge’s wide reach also empowers us to positively influence the lives of others”, concluded Eihab.

Merge promises to continue its mission by celebrating cultures and always being a reflection of diversity.

For more information on how you too can contribute to the local community please visit


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