Win with The ABC Game on Merge Breakfast!

Win with The ABC Game on Merge Breakfast!

How are you under pressure? Test yourself by playing along with Tom Green on The ABC Game! It’s a fun, fast paced interactive game which is guaranteed to have you yelling the answers at the radio! Every morning on Merge Breakfast at 7.50 and again at 9.45, Tom will give one lucky caller 60 seconds, a mystery subject and a letter of the alphabet.

You must answer with an item beginning with that letter that has to do with the subject. So for example if the subject is “Transport” and we start with B and you could say “boat”. Succeed and you’ll get the next letter, C for “car” and then D and so on. Tom will go through the alphabet letter by letter until the time is up. The player with the most correct answers at the end of the week is the winner! Simple! Fancy having a go yourself?

Click the button and enter now for a chance to win a fantastic weekly prize! This week it’s 100 OMR to spend at Sharaf DG!

“Winning is as easy as ABC…”

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